TFP Virtual Talk featuring Theresa and Matt Kirby - Shared screen with speaker view
Molly Galvin
Welcome, all! We want to hear from you. Ask questions here in the chat box at any time.
John Will
No amount of our persuading will change the mind of our U.S. Congress people. Are their others to whom we can address our comments -- with the hope of changing a few minds and hearts?
H Style
I read an article where Audubon Society worked with ranchers, teaching them to manage their grasslands in such a way that benefits the ranches and their cattle, while protecting important bird habitat. Are there examples of similar unlikely partnerships that have benefitted national parks?
Lee Baker
To engage young people, can NPCA partner with some other organizations to publish a news magazine for every school child. Remember the old Weekly Readers? Information, calls to action, Q&As, interviews, fun illustrations, news, etc. This is a publication that kids can take home to their families. Publish in several languages? I am not familiar with public schools these days to be knowledgeable about whether this is a viable, legal option. Thanks.
Letters to editors explaining things like HR 3225 and how our individual congress people are voting on these kind of items - puts a challenge to these people and makes them uncomfortable to have to answer in a public sort of way
Molly Galvin
If you’d prefer to ask a question verbally, write “I have a question.” here.
Clare Richie
Is there a way to engage the NPF Women in Park's Foundation with this advocacy? Wondering if there is a way to engage high school/college students virtually - especially this summer.
Missy Lahren
I am working on publishing a K-12 curriculum for Earth Day for my dissertation. I would like to include the current action campaigns of the NPCA in my open sourced curriculum. Please reach out to me to collaborate?
Most schools encourage student professional organizations as a pre-career exploration or national issue investigation… could you start a youth professional organization with the same kinds of messages you are providing for us today?
Karen Piacentini
I know my daughter’s University is working with alumni and parents to offer virtual internships and even virtual classes. Wondering if there are students who will be idle this summer that would love to be able to help with these sorts of issues you are facing.
Great response the professional organizations for students can start at K-12
Marian Sipler
When international travels opens up, perhaps the National Parks could charge an additional fee to those visitors to help alleviate the budget constraints/cuts to the Park Services?
Missy Lahren
Please say more about HR 3225?
When we were on an UnCruise (wearing an NPCA shirt) to Glacier Bay this past summer we found that most of the people on the cruise had never heard about NPCA including a person that is actively support Bears Ears. We need to get more publicity out on tours, etc to bring NPCA to the forefront and all that it does.
Clare Richie
Can high school students apply (rising seniors) for the internships you just described? If so, how?
Roger Andrascik
Is this meeting being recorded and if so where will it be posted?
Molly Galvin
Thank you for joining NPCA’s Trustees for The Parks Virtual Talk!!
Jacqueline Crucet
Thank you!